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SPORTEGRATION is always working to reach more people and expand our community. The support of well-known Swiss personalities is essential in this regard.

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Kaya Yanar


In January 2020 we were able to welcome Kaya Yanar as a SPORTEGRATION-Supporter. The German comedian, presenter, livestreamer and actor has supported us in a variety of ways ever since. Starting with a joint running training in the winter of 2021, to the organization of a fundraising event in the spring of 2021 and a PR event in the summer of 2022: we can always count on Kaya and fun is guaranteed!

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Gülsha Adilji

Journalist and TV presenter

In mid-2022 we were able to welcome a new supporter to SPORTEGRATION - presenter and journalist Gülsha Adilji gave us her valuable support and immediately treated us with her presence in a fitboxing training in the Manegg hall! In our boxing training the journalist experienced a first taste of our trainings - always intense but an equally high level of fun! We will occasionally be seeing Gülsha in future training sessions as well.

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Rapper, beatboxer and presenter

Knackeboul has supported SPORTEGRATION since the spring of 2019 and is as a result our first ever supporter. Ever since his first appearance in a fitboxing training in the SiloSilo in Zürich, Knackeboul has supported us wherever possible. Four years later Knackeboul still joins our running training and our outdoor fitness and regularly mentions us on his social media channels and on his podcast «Pottcast», which he records with Luuk.

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Annina Frey

Music producer, techno DJ

Annina Frey has been a supporter of SPORTEGRATION since December 2022. Like Emma Pooley and Flavien Gousset, Annina also took part in the 2022 Silvesterlauf with our running team. As a result she was able to meet many of our participants. We can also always rely on Annina to support us through her social media channels by promoting us and sharing our appeals. We are happy that Annina will join the SPORTEGRATION running team in the future or takes part in other sports courses!

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Luuk has been on of our supporters since the summer of 2022. Since then he has regularly been active for us. Along with Kaya Yanar, Luuk also took part in our PR event in the summer of 2022, whereby he didn’t only work up a sweat on the basketball court but also did a great job of advertising SPORTEGRATION on his channels. Meanwhile this has extended to his podcast «Pottcast», which he records with Knackeboul. Together with Knackeboul Luuk regularly joins our outdoor fitness training in Zurich.

Emma Pooley

Emma Pooley

Professional athlete

Since December 2022, professional athlete Emma Pooley has been on board. To start, she visited a SPORTEGRATION running training in the winter of 2022 and immediately joined our team at the Silvesterlauf 2022. As a result she was able to meet many of our participants. Further training participations followed and we are thankful to Emma that she repeatedly promotes SPORTEGRATION on her social media channels. We are looking forward to running and sweating with Emma in the future!

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Anina Mutter

Content creator, creative director, actress

In the beginning of 2020 we had the pleasure of meeting Anina Mutter in a fitboxing training in the SiloSilo. Ever since we have been able to count her to our supporters. Whenever possible, Anina uses her social media channels to promote SPORTEGRATION and our appeals.

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