About us

Sustainable and successful integration of refugees through sport - that is SPORTEGRATION. Our vision of Switzerland is one where refugees and natives live better together. As a non-profit association we nurture young refugees with a lot of heart and soul.

Portrait and mission


Through our programme we make sport accessible to refugees. SPORTEGRATION brings together refugees and natives using sport as a tool for a sustainable integration. The focus is on unleashing potential, providing a level playing field and holistic health promotion as well as facilitating intercultural interactions. To do sport, neither language skills, an education nor other specific skills are required. When doing sport, we’re all equal.

We are convinced that our work does not only positively impact the lives of our participants but society in general. Everyone benefits from the successful integration of young refugees. Together we achieve more - TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!

The idea of offering sport for refugees was born in the summer of 2016. With a fitboxing training in the former Silo Löwenbräu in the city of Zurich Annina Largo laid the foundations for SPORTEGRATION. The participants were thrilled and as a result the association was formally founded in the autumn of 2016. SPORTEGRATION has continued to grow ever since. Today we count over 50 courses in two cantons and 14 different sports, over 760 participants per week and 150 volunteers who enable us to turn our vision into reality. Since 2017 the sports programme is complemented by a mentorship programme as well as a variety of basic school courses.


The biggest part of our budget is funded by our principal partners of the Laureus Foundation Switzerland, the arcas foundation as well as the Asuera foundation. Next to further important institutional funding partners we can also count on ON as an important sponsor and numerous private donors.


Our programme is effective on multiple fronts:

Health promotion

Famously, sport gets you fit, promotes the development of muscles and reduces the long-term risk of illness. Less known but equally important: due to sport, blood circulation in the brain is improved, neurotransmitters such as endorphins are released, nerve tracts are activated and stress is reduced. Our psychological well-being and self-esteem are automatically elevated. For refugees sport is thus a special kind of refuge.


Especially for young refugees SPORTEGRATION is an «anchor» that gives them much-needed support and orientation. Our training sessions are open to anyone who is interested. Consequently, we create a place for encounters between refugees and the Swiss population which is currently missing due to structural conditions. In an unforced atmosphere we facilitate contacts that counteract possible prejudices.

Teaching values

Sport teaches societal values such as perseverance, hard work and team spirit. These values are also prioritized at SPORTEGRATION and are taught and lived in a straightforward manner.

Structure and talent development

Especially for teenagers and young adults, sport is the perfect opportunity to run free, develop and discover interests as well as strengths. Through our programme we ensure that we develop especially motivated and talented participants.