I want to be a volunteer

Do you want to contribute to refugees' successful integration? SPORTEGRATION makes it easy! With us you can get involved on a direct and interpersonal level.

The tireless commitment of our volunteers is the be-all and end-all of SPORTEGRATION. As coaches, teachers and other helpers they carry the association. Become a part of this great community!

As a coach you help shape our sport programme. Thanks to our wide range of sports courses there are many opportunities to get involved productively. More than skills or knowledge, however, fun is the central pillar of our trainings. Are you a motivator who knows how to transmit the joy of sport? Then SPORTEGRATION is just the right place for you!

As a teacher you support our school course programme. Are you a good English speaker who would like to pass along his or her knowledge? Would you like to teach people how to use a computer? Or would you like to help our participants with their math homework as a tutor? Then join SPORTEGRATION!

Other volunteering opportunities
SPORTEGRATION often organizes events for which we depend on the support of volunteers. So if you do not have the time to volunteer regularly but would still like to get involved for a good cause, get in touch with us - it’s very possible that we have something in the pipeline where your support would be highly appreciated.

Take action!

Could you imagine volunteering? Then write to us. We will then get in touch to propose a meeting. We like to meet potential volunteers, and in this case you, in person to present SPORTEGRATION and to find out more about you and your interests in a personal conversation. If your motivation remains after the meeting, we will proceed to add you to our Whatsapp chats. And then you can already get started!

As a coach or teacher it is of great importance to motivate the participants and to teach them the material. In addition to the sport and the school courses as a coach or trainer you also lend an ear to the participants’ worries and problems and support them with their personal issues where possible. Through this support displaced persons feel a sense of belonging and have a structure in their day which enables them to gain a foothold in Switzerland and to get connected. Additionally, this social interaction reduces barriers and fears. The goal is always to create a relaxed environment for the displaced persons where they can feel safe. That is sustainable integration!

Sport brings us together! Nowhere does this ring more true than for SPORTEGRATION. By overcoming ethnic and religious differences, our training sessions lead to new acquaintances and genuine friendships!
Martin Ochsenbein, volunteer SPORTEGRATION football Winterthur

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get in contact?

We are always available through our infomail (info@sportegration.ch). If you wish to volunteer, write us an email to this address and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


What are my tasks as a coach or teacher?

Depending on the activity the tasks differ. Generally, as a teacher or coach, you are responsible for the execution of your course. In addition there are administrative tasks which are assumed in collaboration with the SPORTEGRATION team. However, these tasks should only take up 10 minutes per week.

How is the training organized?

We organize our trainings using Whatsapp chats. There the coach or teacher has to announce the training session or lesson and if necessary motivates the participants to join.