Annual Report

In the last few years our SPORTEGRATION community has grown tremendously. Through highs and lows we have given our blood, sweat and tears and have definitely proven: TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER! Look back with us on our recent successes and highlights.

Annual Report 2021

Another tough year is behind us. 2021 was also marked by covid-19 and as in the previous year patience, resilience and optimism were required more than ever. Looking back we can proudly say that our team, all our volunteers and our participants stayed on the ball. 2021 has strengthened us and our association as we all experienced that together we can even cope with the hardest times.

Jahresbericht 2021

Annual Report 2020

A year unlike any other - 2020 was something special for all of us. Our motto, however, was “now more than ever”. Outdoor trainings in the snow, courses on Zoom, a bigger team and a lot of disinfectant - that’s how you could summarize the past year. Read more about all this in our 2020 annual report:

Jahresbericht 2020

Annual Report 2019

There were many unforgettable highlights in 2019. Winning the Sanitas Challenge, complementing our programme with new sports, participating in various runs and a lot more. Which other challenges we faced and the team we overcame these with, is shown in our 2019 annual report:

Jahresbericht 2019