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«Sustainable integration» concerns all of us. Let us shape a Switzerland where everyone has equal opportunity. Help SPORTEGRATION to continually operate and expand as a funding partner or a sponsor!

Integration can only succeed if it rests on sustainability. We not only focus on holistic health promotion and intercultural interaction but also on unleashing potential and creating a level playing field. Our programmes are integrative and overcome language barriers and cultural differences. It connects people and creates new opportunities. With a donation you can stand up for more solidarity and crucially contribute to the sustainable integration and successful future of young people!

Why is our work important?

Currently, more than 150'000 refugees live in Switzerland. About 80% of them are younger than 35 years old. The majority is traumatized. Having arrived here, refugees are confronted with a foreign language and culture, their asylum procedure as well as rejection. These postmigratory living conditions have an equally grave influence on the mental health of those affected as previous traumas. Additionally, many refugees are not allowed to work for months or even years. Due to the lack of public integration programmes many struggle to contribute to local society and to find social connection. Programmes for sportive activity are rare despite the fact that sport positively affects mental health. For us, this much is clear: by improving the living conditions of refugees, we can also change the future of Switzerland. Because our work is also meaningful from an economic perspective. SPORTEGRATION helps refugees find social networks and build the foundation for their economic integration.

What makes us unique?

There is no other organization that uses sport to the same extent and in the same way as us to promote integration. Everyone can participate in our diverse courses without administrative or financial barriers. We dispose of a very large network and a massive, engaged SPORTEGRATION community!

How do I become a funding partner?

SPORTEGRATION is financed largely through private donations, contributions by sponsors and - predominantly - through contributions from institutional funding partners (mostly foundations). You can find an overview of our current funding partners here!

How do I become a sponsor?

Does your company sell sports equipment or clothes and would like to support us with a donation? Then get in touch with us and become an equipment sponsor. We, as well as our participants, are very thankful!

Do you dispose of a facility that could occasionally be used for our trainings? We would be very happy to set up a new training with you as a facility sponsor!

Would your company like to start a multi-year partnership with SPORTEGRATION and support us on multiple levels? Is it possible for you to regularly support us with a donation of money or equipment? Would you like to organize events together? We would love to get together and discuss the opportunities for a meaningful collaboration.

You can find an overview of our current sponsors here!

Interview with Philanthropist

In this interview with Monique Bär, founder and managing director of the arcas foundation, and Annina Largo, founder and co-managing director of SPORTEGRATION, you get to know our mission and our great collaboration with the arcas foundation.

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